Ansar Arabic College, Valavannur

Affiliate to the University of Calicut


Observing strict discipline in the campus is a must. Absence from the class is cosidered a serious and punishable, offence. Good conduct and decent behavior is exepted from all.

  • Students are to observe strict dicipline in the campus, be- having properly to the faculty members, office staff, fel- low students and visitors.
  • They shall neither roam about nor leave the campus during leisure hours.
  • They shall not leave the class without the permission of the teacher or until the class is dismissed.
  • The Principal shall have power to inflict punishment such as fine, suspension, compulsory issuing of TC, etc.... to any student according to his discretion.
  • No programmes shall be held in the campus without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • The properties and equipments of the college are to be handled with extreme care.
  • Students shall keep the campus and the class room clean and tidy without disfiguring the walls, furnture, doors, windows, etc...
  • Damages caused by them will have to be adequately compensated, faling which disciplinary action will be taken with the Principal’s discretion.
  • As a rule, all students are to wear neat and dignified dress.
  • Dress styles unsuitable for the academic atmosphere are to be strictly avoided.


Government has made it clear that ragging in any forms should be sterly and effectively prevented. Whenever a criminal offence is committed in the name of ragging whether within the campus of an educational institution or in a hostel of other- wise, the Principal / Warden will report the nearest Police Sta- tion and not wait until a complaint in this regard is received from the person affected. Appropriate disciplinary action will also be taken against the culprits. The Government makes it clear that any lapse in this regard will be seriously viewed. It will be the personal responsibility of the officer incharge of the institution to strictly enforce these rules.


Bringing mobile phones by the students inside the campus is strictly restricted. Violating this rule will be met with disciplinary action. Mobile phones which are brought by the stu- dents to the campus will be confiscated and the same will not be returned to them, later it will be auctioned and the amount transferred to the students aid fund. As per the direction of the University and Govt. authorities a surprise inspection squad has been formed in the college to check whether students are bringing Mobile phone in the campus.


No students shall be absent from his class without leave. Application for leave shall be made two days prior to going on leave. In case of illness or of sudden emergency, leave should be applied soon on the need arises and not after availing of leave.Belated application will be rejected if the reason given are insuffcient. A student absent without leave for ten consecu- tive working days will be struck out of the rolls.

Attendance is taken during every clas hours. Absence for any one peried in a session will be considered absence for half a day.

To appear for the university examination every student should have an attendence of minimum three fourth of the total working days of the academic year. They are warned that the attendence shortage cannot be compensated.

University examinations are held according to the timetable issued from the University office time to time.

Answer Paper Photo Copy

The University will issue the photocopies of the answer scripts to the students so that they get an opportunity for self - evaluation of their papers. The application with full detailes should be submitted to the controller of examination within 10 days after the publication of the results. The fee is Rs.100 per paper.

Confidential Reporting of marks

Before the official publication of the result sometimes the marks of the student are reported confidentially to the head of the institutions for higher studies or jobs where admission is sought The application should be submitted to the controller of examination with a chalan for Rs.125 including postal charges. The sudents will not be directly infomed of their marks.

Equivalency Certificate

Those student who have passed the qualifying examination from other universities will have to produce equivalency certifi

cate when they join for higher studies under University of Calicut. The certificate can be obtained on remitting a chalan of Rs.250/-.


The students can apply for revaluation or scrutiny within 10 days from the publication of result. If the difference between the original marks and revalued marks is less than 5% of the maximum marks, the original marks will stand. The candidates who apply for revaluation will be given an oppotunity to identify their answer papers after result of the revaluation released. Those students who apply for revaluation will not be issued the original degree certificate until the result has been released.

To Get the Duplicate Mark List

Publish in any newspaper an advertisement with details about the lost mark list or Certificate. After 15 days the affidavit written in stamp paper worth Rs.50/- should be persented before first class magistrate. The fee for duplicate marks list is Rs.250/ -. The postal charge is Rs.50/-. The fee for degree or diploma certificate is Rs.300/-. Upto 5 years Rs.400/-, Upto10years Rs.500/- after 10 years.

In addition, a postal charge of Rs.50/- is to be remitted in a model application form for duplicate mark list or the word ‘du- plicate’ can be written in the application form for the original certificate.

To remit the fee

It is comparatively easy to remit the various fees in Calicut University. The fee remitters can remit their fees in any govern- ment treasuries in the state.

Head of Account

8443-00-106 PD account of CUF (Treasuries of Malappuram District only) Other Districts: 8658-00-102-96(02)CUF. University Fee collection Centre: II Current Account of the Finance officer, Calicut University


Students who do not enjoy fee cocession will have to remit the tuition fee in three installments at the fee counter of the col- lege office as detailed below.


T. C. and conduct Certificate will be issued from the College office after the completion of the programme. Application in the prescribed form should be submitted in this regard. Conduct Certificate marked ‘good’ will be issued only for student whose conduct is found satisfactory to the authorities.

The college have two active NSS units. This units have so far engaged in several noteworthy social works of state repute.

Programme Officers:

1) Mohamed Rafi C.

2) Dr. C.M. Shanavas

The college has a well established computer lab. There are therty Systems of computer connected to the internent most important and fruitfull. Arabic softwares have been installed. The classes provided to the students are according to University syllabus.


Library is kept open from 9-30 am to 5 pm on all working days including Fridays.

|- All students are entitled to membership in the library.

|- The members have to keep the library cards

issued to them carefully and produce them at the time of borrowing the books.

|- Borrowed books have to be returned to the library within 14 days, failing with the members will have to pay a fine of Re. 1/- per day.

|- Books having special demand may be lent for a shorter period as decided by the librarian.

UMembers who repeatedly fail to return the books on due date will lose their privilege of membership of the library.

|- Books and other articles in the library must be handled very carefully.

|- No person shall damage or disfigure books or other prop- erty of library. He shall have to replace such books or other properties damaged or injured or make payment of four times of the value of the books plus 10% processing charge.

|- Students must return the library cards to the library before they claim their hall tickets for the University examina- tion concerned.

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