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As per the choice based credit semester system the Un- dergraduate Programmes consist of faculties of Science, Hu- manities, Language & Literature, Commerce & Management, Fine Arts and Journalism. The duration of an under graduate programme shall be 6 semesters distributed in a period of 3 aca- demic years. The odd semesters shall be from June to October and the even semesters shall be from November to March. Each semester shall have a minimum of 90 working days inclusive of all examinations. Each six semester under graduate programme has got the following courses (Papers).

 1.Common Courses (Code A)

 2.Core courses (Code B)

 3.Complementary courses (Code C)

 4.Open courses (Code D)


1.Common Courses (Code A)

Every undergraduate student shall undergo 10 common courses (Total 38 credits) chosen from a group of 14 com- mon courses listed below, for completing the programme

 1.Communication skills in English

 2.Critical Reasoning, Writing and Presentation.

 3.Reading literature in English.

 4.Reading on Indian constitution, secularism and sustainable environment.

 5.Literature and contemporary issues

 6.History and philosophy of science.

 7.Communication skill in the languages other than English.

 8.Translation and communication in languages other than English.

 9.Literature in Malayalam/Hindi/Other Indian/World languages other than English.

 10.Culture and civilization (with a compulsory component on Kerala Culture)

 11.Basics of Business and management

 12.General Informatics

 13.Basic numerical skills

 14.Entrepreneurship development.

2.Core Courses (BA/BSc/BCom main papers)

Core courses are the courses in the major (Core) subject of the degree programme chosen by the student. Core courses are offered by the parent department. The number of core courses vary from 10 to 18 including a project work.

3.Complementary courses (Subsidiary Papers)

Complementary courses cover one or two disciplines that are related to the core subject and are distributed in the first four semesters.

4.Open courses (Choice based)

There shall be one open course in core subject in the fifth semester. The open course shall be open to all the students in the institution except the students in the parent department. The students can opt that course from any other department. in the institution. Each department can decide the open courses from a pool of three courses offered by the university.

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